PhD Project

PhD Project
Well, I decided to pursue my Ph.D about 2 months ago. The decision was make before i went to my lymphatic surgery. After all, the surgery make me understand the meaning and value of life — just do not want to wasted it once it still available.

I remember Dr David. W from AIU said “it is not the problem of either we grow older but the most important thing is either we grow wider”.

The Ph.D journey will not be the easy one, this is my second months and this journey will be much more challenging compare to my MSc studied. After all, my experience through my MSc make me realized a research program is about time management, self motivation, initiative, critical thinking, self study and the most important one is momentum, without any one of this criteria you will not able to complete it. No one can help you on your study but yourself, the supervisor is only an advisor. The movie “the PhD movie” got it right, most of the graduate student will stay forever in their program……. I am not going to be one of them, i need to keep going and complete it in a shortest period which possible. Or else there are no point for me to start this journey —- the motto of “accomplish or do not begin” is my guiding spirit now.

Now I need to think of a research topic which can make use of my working experience and knowledge……. Need to work smart but not work hard to guarantee of the smooth completion of this challenging Ph.D research Journey.

Wish me all the best and may the Almighty God bless me for this wonderful thing which I want to do it as part of my life on earth. Cheers……..
Vckhoo (27 July 2013)


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