Industry 4.0

Basically the goal of industry 4.0 is to use technology to collect all the data, analyse it and decide and control it to achieve of the performance efficiency so that the operation cost or downtime cost can be reduce by improve the productivity and reduce reject yield and unpredictable machine downtime.

The decision will be make by the cyberphysical system Base on the predefined settling by the user – this can be technician or engineer or by the machine learning itself.

Secondly the big data velocity efficiency will determine either it will help to improve the processing speed or slow it down cause by additional waiting time for the data transfer.

But to invest, deploy and maintain of the industry 4.0 itself is expensive and the veracity efficiency of the data is important to make sure the cyberphysical system make the correct decision.

The ultimate goal is to reduce cost by 1% so that the profit can be improve by 1%. This is call the power of 1%. This goal still back to the legacy theory of the firm. So to develop a cost model and ROI model base on the theory of the firm is important to understand how is the investment on industry 4.0 benefit the industry or otherwise if the efficiency of velocity and veracity are not achieve of the expectations.



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