Doctor of Engineering with University Technology Malaysia

last week received a good news from UTM offering me a place to study the Doctor of Engineering major in Engineering business management.

Decided to start the new chapter of my education journey with UTM, this will be my last degree and hopefully the next few years I will able to gain as much knowledge as possible throughout my study and contribute to the Industry 4.0 research.

I am thinking to conduct the research related to the Cost model and ROI model of Industry 4.0. to examine it effectiveness to reduce cost by improve productivity.

The power of 1% – to reduce the operations cost by 1% to make significant gain in profit. for example, in aviation the fuel savings of 1% perannum relates to saving $30 billion. (Gilchrist, 2016).

The variables of big data included of Velocity and veracity are the important factors to determine the effectiveness of Industry 4.0.

Across my D.Eng, I will going to develop a cost model which will take into account of both technology aspects as well as the economy aspects.

Let’s follow me on my research project for next few years to come. God Bless.


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