Industry revolutionary

In order to make sure there is no additional processing time on the existing manufacturing process while implementing of IOT/Industry 4.0, therefore data transfer velocity need to be as fast as possible to ensure it is real time or close to real time as possible handling and analysis, in another word it need to close to zero data transfer time. If the velocity is slow then it will slow down the entire manufacturing process which will then affecting the productivity and affect the manufacturing cost. Data transfer efficiency is one of the most important variable amongst others which need to be study and analyze in detail.

The main reason can be conclude as follow

All others previous industry revolutions were direct contributor to improved the productivity efficiency namely:

1. Industry 1.0 – implementation of steam engine/Mechanical machine will able to speed up the processing time compare to human hand.

2. Industry 2.0 – mass production manufacturing line to integrate the manufacturing process with conveyer able to reduce the station to station transfer time

3. Industry 3.0 – implementation of electrical/electronics/robotic technologies into the manufacturing line will able to reduce all the human inefficiency such as human handling error.

Industry 4.0 is very different, it can be consider as the supplement to the existing manufacturing process instead of direct contributor, it might or might not able to improve the productivity efficiency due to the inefficiency of it own capabilities.

In another terms, industry 1 to 3 are the direct cure to the diseases but industry 4.0 is only the vitamins.


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