Industry 4.0 It’s do or die?

Today The Edge newspaper published the forum about

industry 4.0 – the statement Its do or die – I am totally disagree from 2 perspectives – First – If the current technology especially the Big Data are technically ready? There are still a lot of uncertainty on the capability to handle of huge data capacity not to mention to analyze them to acceptable velocity and veracity level. Secondly If the industry ready to invest of such costly solution? How will be the ROI? If the velocity and veracity does not deliver the efficiency as expected then this will be a disaster instead of revolution. So a proper research still need to conduct before it can be concluded – even the German – the founder of the Industry 4.0 is still unsure and they still at the prediction stage therefore in their presentation they always used the term “We believe” but Malaysian is 100% sure by stated “It’s do or die”?- i will said that at current technology capability – the term shall be use is “It’s do and die” unless the technologies readiness are in place then we can say “It’s do and work” but still if all industries afford on the implementation or otherwise if most of the industries in Malaysia still at the stage of Industry 2.0.

The presenters in this forum are just speak out of nothing just as their own opinion and imagination without support by any solid data. It is too early to discuss this in an optimistic way.


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