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An Engineer with Both Technical and Management Qualifications and Experiences: Khoo Voon Ching holds two Master’s degrees, namely, the M.Sc. by Research from Asia e University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Akamai University, USA. Voon Ching obtained his professional qualifications as an incorporated engineer from the Engineering Council, UK. He also studied in the University Technology of Malaysia to obtain his diploma in Mechanical Engineering and in Institute First Robotics Industrial Science to acquire an advanced diploma in Robotics and Automation Engineering. He also obtained his PhD degree from Bulacan State University. Currently he is pursue his Doctor of Education with Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Voon Ching has many years of industry experience, specializing in automation and semiconductor testing. He first worked for ASM Assembly Equipment as a service engineer before he moved to Semiconductor Testing Automation. As a sales manager with COHU, Inc., he was involved in multi-site test handler sales and service activities. He implemented multi-site testing handlers in many MNCs involved in semiconductor testing, which primarily aimed to reduce testing costs. His research interests include technology management, cost reduction through technology, and the efficiency of technology to improve human condition. Mr. Khoo is a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the International Associations of Engineers. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Project Management.

Academic Qualifications :-

2017~2020 (Expected)     : Open University Malaysia – Doctor of Education.
2013~2017     : Bulacan State University, Phil – Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration.
2010~2013     : Asia e University – Master of Science (By Research) in Management. (Research Topic: A case study of the multi-site testing effectiveness for the cost of testing deduction in semiconductor industry.
2004~2006     : Akamai University – Master Degree Of Business Administration (Part Time)
2003~2004     : Institute of First Robotic Industrial Science (FRIS) – Advance Diploma in Mechatronic & Robotic Engineering (Part Time)
1996~2001     : Universiti Technologi Malayisa -Diploma In Mechanical Engineering (Off Camp)

Professional Qualification:
2014                   : Engineering Council, UK – Incorporated Engineer (IEng)

Professional Membership:
2014                   : Member of Institute of Mechanical Engineer, UK (MIMechE)
2013                   : Fellow of American Academy of Project Management (FAAPM)
2013                   : International Association of Engineers-Member Number: 133596

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8. Ching, K. V. (2016) THE FRAMEWORK OF ECAMPUS AND ITS EFFECTIVENESS IN DISTANCE LEARNING. ASEAN Journal of Open Distance Learning, pp-43-54.
9. Khoo, V. C. (2013). Management of technology: a case study of cost deduction in multi-site testing for the semiconductor industry (Doctoral dissertation, Asia e University).

Work Experience:
20 years of technical sales experience in semiconductor automation industry.


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