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Passed my viva defense

I finally passed my viva defense. Today is my special day!





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Research Title

Thinking of this for past few days, should my research title as:

A case study of Technology Economic model for semiconductor testing base on Adam Smith productivity Theory

Will need to write a research proposal for this topic and discuss with my supervisor.

Before I can able to write on this, needed to do a full literature review on the Adam Smith productivity theory as well as the literature review on semiconductor test economic model.

Data collection to have this model tested and analyze will also need to consider.

Will keep posted on the progress.


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Adam Smith Productivity Theory in Technology Management

Adam Smith is the father of modem Economic, in his book of “Wealth of Nation”. Thinking of to incorporate his theory of productivity into current technology management.

To do so, first of all need to figure out his productivity criteria in the book of wealth of nation. Once this have been figure out, then develop a technology management model which use his theory as guiding.

From there, the research can be carry on to study the effectiveness of Adam Smith Theory in today manufacturing environment. Therefore, the classic theory is meeting with the technology to contribute to the knowledge of economic.